Rega brio. Rega brio or Cyrus one

The LS50's aren't very efficient, 85db , they like a lot of power and can be difficult to drive with a minimum 3 ohm impedance. The Q150 also have a nominal impedance of 8 ohms, making them fairly easy to drive for most amplifiers. The Brio was a prime enabler of the Elacs' need to please. The key thing with headphone amps is matching, so try your headphone with the EAR at the dealership and compare it with some well regarded alternatives if you can. 7E-1026. This one could make a crazed audiophile out of you where you least expect it. The Quad S2 isn't the final word in small-box bass extension, but I never felt that anything was missing from the music's nether regions with the Quads driven by the Brio. exports,c,c. .
With a sensitivity of 2 Re-designed circuit Key improvements have been made to the circuits
But at the end of the day all that said, much comes down to taste and essentially the speakers being used By comparison, the Rega looks a little — dare I say it? They are switched there to minimize the length of the signal path
And the Brio- R can only be turned on and off from the front panel Paying attention to small details gave us improved sonic performance to go along with the newly designed casework
I am of course not biased at all Some may find the Cyrus a tad forward or aggressive sounding with similar sounding speakers, but if you have speakers that need a wake up call, the Cyrus One will definitely provide that
Considering the mighty cassette from the 80s is making a mega comeback, you never know value ,! what do you think, will I gain anything with this upgrade? The Brio didn't cleanly grip the 's 12" woofer, though it fared better with the Quad S2's 5" woofer
Accessories• Presumably the less heat the amp produces equates to even more efficiency so there is no doubt the cyrus is more powerful getOwnPropertyDescriptor e,t
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It was like an "Oh, that is what everyone has been talking about" moment with these speakers But it's also possible to get objectively wrong
The Brio has existed in various incarnations almost since the very beginning Object