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Having said that, we understand that everyone has different needs, so feel free to contact our Customer Welfare team if you have any questions. The room 3000 block was new, spacious and well appointed. I did complete the hotels online form in advance of the trip, perhaps this helped? The room itself was clean enough, the bathroom sink was a bit blocked but not the end of the world. They were friendly, engaging, always interacting and quite honestly tireless from day to night. All beds have mattress covers, with pillows, bedspreads and blankets. The team also seemed to have the patience of saints as they always had a smile and a good word for anyone who tapped them on the shoulder from morning til night. The Chinese night offered chicken with noodles which seemed to be nothing more that spaghetti in barbecue sauce.
Guests should be prepared to provide any of these items as needed beyond what is provided. What they need on site at least for the pool near the entrance of the hotel needs like a mini staircase to let older people the chance to walk down the steps into the pool. We take pride in offering great service and we apologize if you felt that it lacked on some points. Your Trip has too many items in it. It was a late booking due to the Thomas Cook collapse caused another holiday to be cancelled. Thank you so much for letting us stay here! On the last day the poolside bar shut with no chance of a reprieve and so as most guests were leaving at around 10pm this caused a few long trudges of guests up to the reception bar just to get a drink of pop. We loved the view of the ocean and the pool was the highlight of the week. It appeared to have a very modern air-con unit which was remotely controlled and certainly did the trick during our stay. Dinner in the Greek, Italian, Chinese or pool restaurants.