Sony fx3. Sony FX3 Camera: Hands

Ergonomics The handle is one of my favorite parts of this camera The combines the two worlds in a compact cinema-focused body
This is amazing because you can choose depending on what is right for the project I shoot a lot of my content inside so this has really come in handy
The tally lights make it visibly easy to see you are recording from anywhere Internal proxies are one of those features that we tend to associate with more robust cameras, but Sony has managed to pack them into a tiny camera package like the FX3
Sony has for a long time offered amazing cinema-focused cameras in a traditional cinema body type with the FS and now the FX lineup The new memory cards are needed, so remember you will need to invest not only in this camera, but also a lot in cards and storage
Below I will be talking about my overall experience using this camera, from ergonomics to image quality Combined with a newly designed cooling system for long record times, a massive articulating screen, and a detachable top handle that supports multiple XLR inputs, it's a camera ready for life on set
If you've ever dragged a clip into the timeline of your editing system and clicked "play" only to watch it buffer or not play at all, you're going to want to know about proxies Not only is it available in the FX3, but it's available in the and many of the Alpha cameras
SonyCine is here for the filmmakers and cinematographers who like to stay in the know, keep innovating, and connect with the world in meaningful ways Also note: there is no EVF
This creates large video files that are sometimes complicated for smaller computers to handle The 4K image quality which we will touch on more shortly is phenomenal
As a creator that works with professional clients and has a Youtube channel, I needed a camera that I could rely on for video production Different recording codecs Cameras are advancing so quickly these days
On smaller cameras, we often turn to camera cages to provide all the mounting points needed Sony has done what we hope all manufacturers do and started putting a gyroscope sensor inside their cameras