Sims 4 galerie funktioniert nicht. The Sims 4

It depends on how big the house is Very important, NOT in the mods folder ONLY in the TRAY folder! That's why I thought I'd make a post about why that is and how you can fix it
Place a foundation on one of the lots the foundation must be at the very edge of the other lot It only affects the stairs that are built in an open gallery using a fence
You can find more info I would never lie to you and never spread false information to get more clicks Open your library and click on the house you want to place• Gehe zu Dashboard: Schutz — Exploits• Ich finde es sehr schade
Klicke auf den Galerie-Button in der rechten oberen Ecke Startet das Spiel nun erneut
Die Sims 4 - Arrival-Trailer Die Sims 4 geht nicht? If there are still missing objects, please check if you have all the needed packs, if you placed the house correctly and if the lot is big enough for the house lotcachedData• They were painted by a Sim at the easel and do not need to be downloaded and installed externally

Speichere den Haushalt oder Sim unter Meine Bibliothek.


Platziert auf dem Fundament verschiedene Staffeleien.

Zuerst entpackt man sie mit einem Entpack Programm und die entpackten Dateien kommen in die jeweiligen Ordner.

On the wall you will later place your paintings.

ENG In this category I will answer the questions you have asked me the most, additionally you will find different tutorials here.

cache• : Bevor ihr das nachmacht, aktiviert den Cheat bb.

Now drag this image into the photo editor.