Dirk braun. Greenwich filmmaker learned to fly for 'Flying Boat' documentary, which took 6 years to make

"With Dirk, logger sport has lost one of its greatest icons.

I immersed myself in the project and made it my life.

No one can fill the gap he leaves behind.

Our thoughts and sympathy are with his wife and children, whom we will stand by wherever we can.

Braun also plans to film with pilots and collectors around Connecticut, the lakes of northern Minnesota and central Texas, the beaches of Florida and in Bermuda, where Pan Am once flew regular Albatross flights.

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It was an honour to know him.

WBAY - Anticipation is in the air ahead of EAA AirVenture starting Monday.

The documentary focuses on the pilots and mechanics who have restored and maintained the rare Grumman Albatross.