Höfen eifel. Höfen

Way• Eifel National Park hosts for hikers in Einruhr and surroundings:• Share content: "A blaze of yellow daffodils and changing forests". Films with subtitles and sign language• Way• 5, abgerufen am 17. Way. Way• 8 km• Openings in the shape of archways give access to the houses. Take a stroll through the old part of the former cloth-making town of Monschau with its historical half-timbered houses, or try the famous mustard from its mustard mill. Tactile paving• Audio, aromatic and tactile stations• the natural forest reserve "Im Brand"• from 9:00 a.

Cost: Adults 2.

30 p.

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Finot, Jean.

They consist of individually made, hedges around houses and field hedges in the open country, to enclose fields and protect them from grazing cattle.

Way• 1952 , former Director.

Rond de verduitste het stadje door de toevloed van Duitstalige op zoek naar godsdienstvrijheid.

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