Aquascaping shop. Aquascaping for Beginners: How To Guide

Essentially, your tank has almost no contrast, and so it becomes a 'green box' to most viewers.

That's important, so I'll repeat it: Using larger stones makes use of the vertical space in your aquascape.

Practice makes perfect, so get to it! Therefore, an aquascape is a miniature aquascape, or in other words, an aquascape made inside of a very small tank.

This means that you need to regularly clean the filter and clean or change the media as required.

Our range of aquascape equipment includes everything from tools, substrate, aquarium rock and wood, artificial corals and our huge selection of fish tank plants, offering you everything you need for your aquascaping project.

The same should be true of your Aquascape: place smaller stones naturally in the tank to create a natural look.

As long as you supplement your water with nutrients for the plants, you make sure the fish are well fed and healthy, and you have a great aquarium filter, you can keep an aquascape going for as long as you choose.