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Originally, KTM planned a production of 500 units per year; however, the company increased production to 1,000 cars a year and built a new plant near due to high demand This time, the task of qualifying fell to Leo Pichler
Engine partner Audi refined the performance and WP created a suspension system that allows exceptional handling and cornering agility, enabling the 790 kilogram super sports car to challenge nearly every existing sports car The KTM X-Bow GT4 is accordingly unrivaled in terms of quality, efficiency, and safety
It now features a carbon-fiber frame instead of plexiglass with opening glass doors on both sides 7-liter, V-8 engine specifically prepped by Aston Martin Racing
Competitors The GT4 European Series is packed with all sorts of vehicles, ranging from rear-engined 911s to modified M3s, Chevy Camaros and Evoras Well, the GTX is by far the meanest, most extreme X-Bow produced to date since 2008, when the moniker was born
Not only is the overall design impressive, but the technology behind the completely redesigned exterior will be state-of-the-art Back then, his father brought home a Trabant 601 Kombi and a few years later, a Wartburg 353
We enthusiastically support this development in the knowledge that Reiter Engineering is an internationally recognized team that develops, constructs and markets highly successful racing cars The construction of the vehicle and all of the logistics, including sales and supply of spare parts will be in the hands of Reiter Engineering
Reviews [ ] In a March 2012 episode of , presenter drove a X-Bow around circuit in England cast Mg 11x18 wheels• Out-and-out race car Besides the impressive performance figures, the X-Bow GTX is also blessed with a lot of race-specific tweaks and features
KTM has become the first vehicle manufacturer ever to develop and produce its official virtual model, and make it available to the community, free of charge The closed-cockpit configuration is obviously its main highlight, but this X-Bow has yet to reveal all the tricks it has in store
Powering brand-new track machine is the LF4 The car is unrivaled in terms of efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and safety
" This race was scheduled for the following weekend in Zandvoort as part of the ADAC GT4 Germany Holinger SF transmission with paddle shift• 0 liter TFSI engine, which is coupled with a sequential six-speed gearbox from Holinger, naturally with paddle shift
Motec dashboard• Homologated for FIA GT4, it can be deployed all over the world and with high specification OEM parts with long lives and durability, is more cost effective to run than its rivals RADICAL
Design 2-liter-TFSI-engine• En el caso de superficies revestidas, puede haber diferencias de color debido a las desviaciones habituales del proceso 5 seconds behind the two leaders shortly before the end of the race
He applauded the tyres' grip, saying during a -inspired session of , "it's like driving on superglue", but both May and Clarkson criticised the complicated procedure needed to start the engine, calling it "idiotic" 2008 Sports Car of the Year, Top Gear See also [ ]• 670 mm More details can be found at
Bouthoorn was nevertheless highly satisfied with second place in his first sprint race: "It's a really good starting point for my ultimate target: overall victory in the championship and the GT3 cockpit FT3 70L fuel tank• Like the monocoque itself, the roll hoops come directly from Formula racing and, in the worst case, are able to carry 2
Multi Driver ID Transponder The consumption values stated refer to the roadworthy series condition of the vehicles at the time of factory delivery
The Car Engine• Retrieved 2008-12-15 4 in Height 1,202 mm 47
Once again, the venue for the opening races was the 3 My thanks to project partners KTM Sportcar, KISKA and KTM Technologies who have energetically supported us in realizing the project