Tampon handschuhe. Pinky Gloves: Gloves cause the shitstorm of the century

The largest part condemns the concept of the product very sharply. Pinky Gloves gloves are supposed to give us women a "more hygienic, odor-free and discreet" period. She sharply criticizes the presentation of the founders: "It can't be that two guys make money by convincing menstruators that they need another absurd product to cover up their period, which is so incredibly disgusting, in the best possible way. That was a big mistake. Auch von Morddrohungen ist die Rede. dpa, TT. They emphasize that menstruation "is of course something completely natural" and that "no one has to be ashamed of it". Ist klar, oder? To act in a misogynistic way or to have had that in mind, they reject. Was kostet es? For the fact that we live in the 21st century and consider ourselves very enlightened, this is probably a step backwards. Was uns nachhaltig sehr trifft, ist die Tatsache, dass wir einer heftigen Welle an Hass, Mobbing und Gewaltandrohungen, bis hin zu Morddrohungen, ausgesetzt sind.

000 Slips verkauft.

Und braucht daher angeblich dringend Hilfsmittel wie pinkfarbene Plastikhandschuhe.


Doch sie sind mehr als ein ungeschickter Versuch, aus Frauenblut Geld zu machen.


Either way, it was a shot that clearly backfired for the founders.

The pink gloves are to be used at festivals, in other people's homes or in public toilets.

Da kommt ein Sturm auf.

In other words, anywhere where hygienic removal of tampons and pads is difficult.