Maggie thatcher. 'The Crown': What Actually Happened When Margaret Thatcher Visited Balmoral?

The flat rate tax would replace property taxes which were based on the value of property owned.

Believing that the single market would result in political integration, Thatcher's opposition to further became more pronounced during her premiership and particularly after her third government in 1987.

In 1984, the year of the miners' strike, there were 1,221, resulting in the loss of more than 27 million working days.

So the government began buying it in from abroad, notably from America.

Her speeches included one to the in 1988, followed by another to the in 1989.

According to the leader of the coup attempt — Simon Mann — Mark first sought mummy's approval before going ahead.

There were no policies passed or proposed by ministers to restrict legal immigration, nor would Thatcher highlight the subject of race in any of her later remarks.

"Gail Sheehy on the most powerful woman in the world".

These ratings, together with Thatcher's combative personality and tendency to override collegiate opinion, contributed to further discontent within her party.

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"Miners return to work today.

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It made minor savings at best and was, as the Labour education spokesman said, "the meanest and most unworthy thing" the country had seen in decades via.

Her new policy was not meant to stop the development of new comprehensives; she said: "We shall [.