Tsuyu sauce. Japanese Noodle Dipping Sauce Recipe

How To Prepare• the list goes on and on.

The cold water not only tightens up the noodles but also brings a sheen that would not be present if you just passed running water through it.

Keep in the refrigerator over night before using.

Soba connoisseurs eat their noodles unadorned, presented on a zaru, or flat wooden strainer, with a dashi- and soy-based dipping sauce on the side and condiments such as sliced green onions, grated daikon, wasabi and togarashi.

As well as serving men tsuyu alongside piles of cold noodles, this easy stock can also be diluted with hot water for a seasoned soup broth to enjoy with hot noodles.

You can purchase the sauce premade in Japanese grocery stores, or refer to our recipe to make your own.