Non compaction kardiomyopathie. Dilated cardiomyopathies and non

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The low number of reported cases though is due to the lack of any large population studies into the disease and have been based primarily upon patients suffering from advanced heart failure Patient prognosis is determined by the occurrence of heart failure and arrhythmias
Am J Cardiol 108:1021—1023• Noncompaction cardiomyopathy NCCM is a genetic myocardial disorder, which is characterized by a two-layered ventricle wall with a thin compact outer layer and a noncompacted inner layer, with prominent trabeculations and deep intratrabecular recesses communicating with the ventricle cavity without any contact to the coronary system Weiford, V
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Keywords: Arrhythmias, cardiac; Genetics; Heart failure; Myocarditis; Peripartum cardiomyopathy Likewise it possible to have severe heart failure, which even though the condition is present from birth, may only manifest itself later in life
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Major clinical correlates include systolic and diastolic dysfunction, associated at times with systemic embolic events Genetic related• Eur Heart J 29:270—276• Owing to the growing possibilities of genetic diagnostics, increasingly more triggering variants and hereditary mechanisms emerge

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As normal development progresses, these trabeculated structures undergo significant compaction that transforms them from spongy to solid.

A publication is expected by Leiden University Medical Centre• 6 described the criteria for the diagnosis by CMR: the ratio of noncompacted myocardium to compacted myocardium must be greater than 2.