Haibike sduro. Haibike SDURO Trekking S 9.0 Review

Stopping the bike is a set of 180mm hydraulic disc brake rotors with quad pistons, so a really quality setup It means that the chain cover is smaller and the chain itself is lower, but might allow for increased chain contact with the right chain stay when riding over bumpy terrain
The PowerTube battery keeps weight as low as possible on the frame while still being removable and somewhat universal These are going to be quiet, more efficient as well as offering a lot of stability
I visit shops all over North America and many have told me that the Bosch drive systems are some of their most reliable, and that the company provides quick support with hardware that does need fixes or replacements The setup has 11 speeds, trigger shifters and a fantastic 11-46 tooth cassette in the rear with a 18 tooth chainring in the front
The Bosch Performance Line motors and Yamaha eBike motor will keep you riding for years and years and countless miles But since the bike just comes stock with the PowerTube 500, lets talk about that battery specifically
This allows you to make the chain tight for rigid riding or lose for maintenance It is my preference, in fact, because I have a knee injury
They've partnered with the best eBike motor companies to bring reliable and powerful electric bikes The Trekking S comes in 6 different frame sizes and 2 frame styles, both a high-step and a mid-step that they call a step-through
They have always been dedicated to their customers which makes it easy to be dedicated to them This is a big win for the bike aesthetically
They were a progenitor of eBikes in the states, and they continue to offer products that eBike riders gawk at With the combined total of the two, that makes for over a kilowatt hour! This review was sponsored by Haibike