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Everyone knows us well! Popular London Categories• Best Quality Steak Menus At Bistro 2000 Steak House each dish has its own identity. Popular Amenities• More I can here for my birthday meal on holiday as we made friends with Man U fans at the hotel who wanted to see the game and I wanted to eat fish - so we combined the two! Near Colleges• By Hotel Type• Bistro 2000 Is it just a steak house restaurant? Bahasa Malaysia Malay• After reading the previous reviews we thought it only be fair we visit this place to give it a whirl, and wow, we were blown away by how good the food was. You can get to know our restaurant more closely with the photo gallery below. Welcome! You will find a wide variety of the Turkish wines on the wine menu. and made sure they had the next one on for him a few days later. They did do me a sparkler since it was my birthday which was a nice touch.