Frans if i were sorry. Frans: If I Were Sorry (Video 2016)

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- ""• But that in itself is not grounds for plagiarism So basically nothing will happen with the song and Frans will still win is what I am getting from this news? - "" vinnare av• Whoever did this was a PR-genius and made Frans a huge favour by giving him more exposure
Ohlsson, Jan 14 maj 2016 But not only the chord structure is largely similar, the groove is the same as the remix
Code And would you save the falling tear Or act as if there's nothing there? Ratsit
Ohlsson, Jan 1 mars 2016 Or is it all an overreaction? SvD
Thats it in my opinion Would you say they suck as singers? Oh, you threw it all away 'Cause you're the devil in disguise Now would you ever realise The consequences of your lies? Further more, the singing part is what makes the actual song, everything else is melody
The case here could equal to following a particular trend like how we are familiar of elements from past Eurovision entries and applying it to the next i Sveriges Television
If you think these are the same song, please stop commenting on plagiarism It would be a huge upset to lose out
Frans vann Melodifestivalen 2016 Both songs have the same folk-pop sound and Frans sings in a similar style to Matt
Sveriges Television So, far to be bad , in fact just smart for the science to provoke and be popular for not insignificant target