Indeed teilzeit. Concepts and Definitions (CPS)

See also. Gulf War era II September 2001—present• ordered equipment or inventory• Deciles and quartiles of earnings Deciles Deciles of earnings divide workers into 10 equally-sized groups, from the lowest earning to the highest earning. Wir erhalten ggf. Constant-dollar earnings time series sometimes may be based to the most recent year so that historical earnings data can be seen in contemporary dollars. is blind or has serious difficulty seeing even when wearing glasses• Industry Industry describes the business activity of a person's employer or, if self-employed, of their company or business. They made at least one specific, active effort to find a job during the 4-week period ending with the survey reference week see OR they were temporarily laid off and expecting to be recalled to their job. family or personal obligations• The number of people at work part time for economic and noneconomic reasons will not sum to totals. Examples include a physical therapist, cashier, security guard, or electrician. Labor force, employment, and unemployment concepts This section contains definitions for the key labor force concepts presented in BLS publications of Current Population Survey CPS data.