Legion invasion timer. Legion Assaults

The only reason the original invasions were fun was because we could level alts insanely fast, and collect gear for lowbies.

Taken Down From Within Sabotage the Legion forces on board the ship.

There can be multiple concurrent invasions taking place in a zone - players will always join a scenario that's in Stage 1, however.

Artifact Power: Stage 2 and Stage 3 award Artifact Power tokens, and the final boss also drops a large token.

We won't allow the Legion to destroy what we've built here! Comment by Kabilos on 2019-04-15T08:26:59-05:00 What about adding back the weekly Violet Hold bosses, for those that are still working on the various achievements? The battle.

The quests are: , , , ,• Marshal Gryan Stoutmantle yells: Legion ships on the horizon! High Overlord Saurfang yells: The Legion vessel is closing in! Pointless waste of time.

Legion Assaults are one of the most effective ways to level your characters through Legion content 100-110.

After the commander dies, the Burning Legion appears throughout the area.

Bring down this foul creature at once! Escape! Rescue the highmountain tauren captured by the Legion.