Tour de france etappe. L'Étape du Tour

The overall Tour placings are typically settled before the final stage, so the racing is often for the glory of finishing the Tour and, at times, to settle the.

8 mi Plain stage ITA 10 July to Belgium 167.

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Former Cofidis rider Bescond won the race.

Hoste ended third in the last stage against Kelly fifth, which made Hoste the winner by 4 points.

Spanish cycling legends, and , both competed.

The stage typically starts on the outskirts of Paris, and teams agree on a truce for the opening portion of the race, with cyclists taking the opportunity to have a moment of tranquility, laughing, and celebrating the achievement of finishing the Tour de France.


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4 mi Hilly stage ESP 7 July to 210. Retrieved 26 February 2013. 177—178. Retrieved 20 September 2020. Where do I stay? 4 67 BEL References [ ]• References [ ]• 203—210.