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Wenn Sie eine Verknüpfung eingefügt haben und sich noch im Bearbeitungsmodus für die Navigation befinden, erscheint hinter dem Namen der Verknüpfung ein Stiftsymbol. Another theory of deep interest is that it is the possible source of a radioactive element possibly stronger in radioactivity than radium itself, and capable of producing all the curious effects which are known of radium up to the present. He was awarded the in 1944 for the discovery and the radiochemical proof of. Plaque commemorating the discovery of fission in Berlin unveiled 1956 On 13 July 1938, with the help and support of Hahn, Meitner — born into a Jewish family — escaped to the Netherlands; before she left, Hahn gave her a diamond ring he had inherited from his mother, to be used to bribe the frontier guards if required. Then once again he was hunting along both fronts for sites for gas attacks.

The Max Planck Society mourns its founder, who continued the tasks and traditions of the Kaiser Wilhelm Society after the war, and mourns also a good and much loved human being, who will live in the memories of all who had the chance to meet him.

Bitte hierzu die aktuellen Hinweise auf dem Vertretungsplan beachten.

He would have deserved it even if he had not made this discovery.

Succeeding , Hahn was director of the institute from 1928 to 1946.

The Americans learned to do it later.

Caricature by Gheorghe Manu, Romania Many cities and districts in the German-speaking countries have named secondary schools after him, and streets, squares, and bridges throughout Europe bear his name.

Ich informiere Sie umgehend, sobald dies feststeht.

Thus, he became the leading figure in the resurrection of German science after the war, an elder statesman who held the confidence of the various factions.