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, and F. Schaeffel. 2009 The Chameleon Handbook. Glaw, Frank; Vences, Miguel 1994. Typical sizes of species of chameleon commonly kept in captivity or as pets are: Scientific name Common name Length male Length female colour Lifespan years 35—60 cm 25—33 cm Green and light colours about 5 23—33 cm 25—33 cm Green and light colours 5—10 38—53 cm 23—33 cm Darker colours about 5 2—3 for birthing females 5—8 cm 5—8 cm Brown, beige, green about 3—5 8—10 cm 5—10 cm Tan and gray 3—5 temporalis 6—10 cm 5—9 cm Gray and brown 5—11 The feet of chameleons are highly adapted to , and species such as Chamaeleo namaquensis that have secondarily adopted a terrestrial habit have retained the same foot morphology with little modification. 2961. Dictionary. Retrieved 1 November 2017. In Tolley, Krystal A.


The bones emitted a bright blue glow and could even shine through the chameleon's four layers of skin.

Chameleons are subject to parasitism by , including species of the genera , , and.

Other chameleon fossils include from the Lower Miocene about 13—23 mya of the Czech Republic and Germany, and Chamaeleo intermedius from the Upper Miocene about 5—13 mya of Kenya.

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