Heitmann soda. HEITMANN pure Reine Kristall

Any green on flagstones, wooden walls, wooden garden furniture, or fences can be quickly and easily removed with soda HEITMANN Pure combines minimal ingredients with strong performance
Dosage: Add two capfuls 66 ml of Liquid Soda to three litres of water Ajuta la legarea solutiei de calcar, dedurizeaza apa
eBook Packages• Always rinse thoroughly with fresh water Publisher Name Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg• Pflegehinweise der Hersteller beachten
The practical, predissolved soda is immediately ready for use and can be utilised in many ways Dosage:Add 2 tbsp 40 g of HEITMANN Pure Soda Crystals to 5 L of water
Soda that has hardened during storage will still be fully effective Walls and doors can be washed down with a hot soda solution
Sodium bicarbonate, commonly known as baking soda, has been a byword for hygienic cleanliness in household and laundry care for generations Always treat fresh blood stains with cold water
When mixed with water, soda forms a base, which removes soap residues, dirt, grease, and odours The product is made of sodium carbonate, a naturally occurring mineral, which makes it an environmentally friendly solution for hygienic cleanliness
Can be added to water used for cleaning and wiping HEITMANN pure Soda can be simply dispensed as needed with the bottle cap
Soda pura, Heitmann, 500 g Curata igienic si indeparteaza mirosurile neplacute A warm soda bath removes limescale deposits from earthenware such as flowerpots or ornaments
The combination of grease and burnt-on food often makes it difficult to clean fryers, pans, and pots Baking trays, baking tins, and grill grates are washed with a hot soda solution
Put cold water in a bowl, bucket, or bath Important: Before treating expensive stone flooring such as polished granite, please test Pure Soda on an inconspicuous spot
Simply fill the item with a soda solution and bring to a boil Soda este un mineral prezent in stare naturala