Beste fantasy filme. 100 Favorite Fantasy/Mystery Films (not serialized)

Packed with historical heroes, diminutive hustlers, post-Python humour, loopy cameos and bizarre fantastical asides — not to mention the bleakest, strangest ending imaginable — the film was an unlikely transatlantic smash hit.

He considered this tale from Greek mythology to be his best film.

The dreamlike story he cooks up is tinged with traumatic catastrophe, but also one of the most glorious adventures ever captured on film.

Magic moment: The beautiful moment Uncle Boonmee visits a cave filled with sparkling lights, and his life slips away.

Holy hell.

Was er aber findet, ist ein Freund.

Tom Huddleston Not the first name you associate with fantasy, but Woody Allen pulled off one of his more out-there conceits with this tribute to the transportive power of the movies.

Gar nicht, dachten sich die Zuschauer und Kritiker im Jahre 1986, als der Film in den Kinos startete.

Viele Werke von Hayao Miyazaki und aus dem Hause Studio Ghibli verdienen es, in dieser Liste aufzutauchen Magic moment: The Baron and his sidekick Sally travel to the moon and find a Lumiere-inspired madhouse peopled with giant schizophrenics
Er sinnt auf Rache Magic moment: Repressed suburban Mom Joan Allen tries her hand at a little sexual self-fulfilment, and a tree outside the window explodes into glorious colour
Der Fantasyfilm mit Puppen und Musical-Einlagen ist eine faszinierende, bizarre und teilweise auch intellektuelle Reise Kiss 26 Male Female Relationship 21 Dancing 20 Love 20 Boyfriend Girlfriend Relationship 17 Death 16 Father Daughter Relationship 16 Restaurant 15 Cigarette Smoking 14 Cult Film 14 Flashback 14 Time Travel 14 Title Spoken By Character 14 Wedding 14 Family Relationships 13 Friend 13 Friendship 13 Watching Tv 13 Bar 12 Bare Chested Male 12 Blood 12 Doctor 12 Drunkenness 12 Husband Wife Relationship 12 Mother Daughter Relationship 12 Mother Son Relationship 12 Slow Motion Scene 12 Surrealism 12 Taxi 12 Car Accident 11 Father Son Relationship 11 Food 11 Hospital 11 New York City 11 Party 11 Rain 11 Afterlife 10 Based On Novel 10 Death Of Father 10 Dog 10 Fairy Tale 10 Fish Out Of Water 10 Ghost 10 Snow 10 Time Traveler 10 Angel 9 Birthday 9 Dream 9 Elevator 9 Film Blanc 9 Heaven 9 Independent Film 9 Library 9 Magic 9 Manhattan New York City 9 One Word Title 9 Telephone Call 9 Train 9 Voice Over Narration 9 Bathtub 8 Book 8 Chase 8 Coffee 8 Depression 8 Drink 8 Drinking 8 Falling In Love 8 Fate 8 Female Protagonist 8 Lifting Someone Into The Air 8 Neighbor 8 Nightmare 8 Painting 8 Rescue 8 Singing 8 Suicide 8 Apartment 7 Beer 7 Betrayal 7 Bridge 7 Chick Flick 7 Destiny 7 Diner 7 F Rated 7 Face Slap 7 Fight 7 Infidelity 7 Jealousy 7 Marriage 7 Marriage Proposal 7 Photograph 7 Police 7 Reverse Footage 7 Sex 7 Subway 7 Supernatural Power 7 2000s 6 Beach 6 Bicycle 6 Birthday Party 6
Magic moment: The mournfully psychedelic junkyard sequence strikes a jarring but memorable tone of doom amid all the furry, freaky goings-on Dabei basiert der Fantasyfilm auf eine Freizeitattraktion eines Disney-Parks
A group of mildly haughty, self-entitled friends attempt to sit down to dinner together But the spell is broken halfway through, leaving them with, well, half a dad
Aufgrund einer Intrige wird der Donnergott Thor gespielt von der Idealbesetzung Chris Hemsworth auf die Erde verbannt Tom Huddleston Talk about a vindication
Sie beleuchtet den ersten Konflikt zwischen den einfallenden Orks und den Menschen, die ihre Heimat Azeroth verteidigen wollen Magic moment: One-Eyed Willie's galleon, the Inferno, is revealed in the grotto