Heather mills. 10 most explosive things we've learned about Heather Mills since divorcing Paul McCartney

Heather Mills thought she was married to Paul McCartney Fiona said: 'Our family were always short of money and our father demanded that we find food and clothes so we turned to shoplifting, learnt to hide from the bailiffs and became experts at domestic duties
, Sun Journal, 17 December 2001 Throughout the interview, Heather was her usual prickly, defensive and unpleasant self
The New York Times, March 24, 2008 One of the brands, Wot No Diary, however, had to be recalled in 2014 because it tested positive for dairy products
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Check them out on YouTube film team at a pig farm in , in February 2007, to publicise the use of restrictive , which are used for sows who are suckling piglets
How could you do this to another woman? 24 May 2003 Die Welt
' Feminist writer has compared the coverage to that of 6 April 2009
He and Mills tied the knot in an , and the newest Mrs net
Only we all know both those claims are utter nonsense Having sparked the interest of the about his appearances with Mills at events, McCartney appeared publicly beside her at a party in January 2000 to celebrate her 32nd birthday
Retrieved 25 July 2011. Mills set up a refugee crisis centre in London, helping over 20 people to escape the war. gave the couple a tour of the. Mills spoke openly about Paul's daughter, Stella, being one of the major reasons their marriage ended. Jan Colley, Stephen Howard 17 March 2008. Group. Heather was engaged to filmmaker Chris Terrill, whom she soon broke it off with to be with Paul. .
Heather admitted that she had stolen some gold chains and sold them to buy a , and when Guy reported the theft, she was put on In his judgment, Mr Justice Bennett stated: The husband's evidence was, in my judgment, balanced
16 January 2007 Share I introduced Heather to Paul at a charity event in 1999
She admitted she had a problem and said it was because she'd been forced to lie as a child by her father According to CBS News, in 2011, Mills publicist filed a lawsuit against her stating that she lied about the abuse she said she endured from McCartney
…Heather Mills, activist and former wife of Paul McCartney, in 1968 age 52• Retrieved 25 July 2011 com to sign a petition which declares that journalists should be accountable for the lies they print
Retrieved 25 July 2011 Asked whether the wedding was one of his worst decisions in the last decade, the former Beatle said that it was a 'prime contender'