Coca cola energy. Monster Beverage Isn't Losing Much Sleep Over Coca

But by purchasing well-established respected brands, Coca-Cola has successfully capitalized on the growing consumer trend towards favoring healthy sports drinks and nutritional energy drinks, over traditional sugary soft drinks.

Let's see why Monster isn't losing much sleep over Coca-Cola Energy.

With Monster's steadily hovering in the high 50s for the last several years, some analysts speculate that a full takeover is likely to occur.

Coca-Cola Energy also costs less than Monster, so it could be considered a cheaper alternative for a quick pick-me-up.

Can you drink more than one Coca-Cola Energy in a day? However, Coca-Cola also insisted that it wasn't interested in competing against Monster -- at least in the U.

Is it safe to drink Coca-Cola Energy every day? But is Monster just puffing out its chest? Monster's revenue grew less than 3% annually in the U.

While Minute Maid faces stiff competition from PepsiCo-owned Tropicana, this billion-dollar brand has helped Coca-Cola cater to consumer demand for healthier drink options.

Personally, I prefer to drink energy drinks that have somewhere between 50mg and 100mg per serve.

Monster and Coca-Cola also share common distributors, so keeping its energy drinks separate from Coca-Cola Energy will become increasingly difficult as Coca-Cola scales up the brand.

Today, the group manages bottling operations in 19 markets that represent more than 25% of the total system volume.

If in doubt, talk to your health professional.

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In an effort to bolster its financial strength and stabilize its operational infrastructure, Coca-Cola has sought to consolidate the bottling subsidiaries within its distribution network, which consists of more than 250 independent bottlers, who collectively employ over 45,000 workers.

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