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Under Jacquet, Bordeaux won three league titles and two Coupe de France titles , Comptes des clubs professionnels - Saison 2007-2008, 2009 , p
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G 90 Led by 1970s mainstays Giresse and , Bordeaux captured its first league championship since 1950 in the finishing equal on points with , however, due to having a better head-to-head record, Bordeaux were declared champions
com Bordeaux then achieved further honours in winning the Ligue 1 and of the 2008—09 French footballing season thus achieving the first ever double in the club's history
Les Girondins de Bordeaux se qualifient ainsi pour la 16 et 17
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In , however, Les Girondins won that year's Division 2 title, thus being elevated to the top tier of French football Bordeaux achieved professional status in football on 2 July 1936, partly due to the club's merger with fellow outfit Girondins Guyenne Sport, which resulted in the club that exists today
Bordeaux then capped off the by winning its fourth league title and achieving the as well. On annonce des cadres partant comme ou. Il remportera trois fois le en , et , deux en 1986 et 1987, le en 1987. , Comptes individuels des clubs - Saison 2016-2017, 2017 , p. Meilleur joueur 5 - 1996 , 1999 , 2002 et 2003 et 2009• Les meilleurs buteurs des Girondins sur. , Comptes individuels des clubs - Saison 2013-2014, 2014 , p. The club currently play in , the top division of.