Berg pedal gokart. BERG Off

BERG pedal go kart is easy to assemble pedal go kart.

The quality is so good that the large go-karts are even suitable for professional use.

In addition, the XXL-BFR system has an extra reinforced frame, making it even stronger than the frame of the BFR go-karts.

To give you many years of enjoyment, the BERG Rally's steering wheel and seat can be adjusted.

The E-BFR-3 frame offers the same support for pedalling as the E-BFR, but this frame features three gears, making it even easier to get going.

Brake and Reverse — The BFR system designed by Berg allows the pedals to double up as a break from working in the backward direction.

This is easy to learn, and kids figure it out easily.

Before buying a go-kart, you need to know how tall your child is.

Comprehensive Review of BERG Pedal Go Kart Features Pedal —It moves and steers unbelievably effortlessly and gracefully.

The E-Skelter has a 250W E-Motor which provides support for pedalling.