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For example the 6th Infallible, Jafar al-Sadiq, taught thousands of students in subjects ranging from law and theology to mathematics and science. Basically it is believed God has hidden him from the world, but he will come back. For example, under the influence of the Lebanese resistant organization , literature containing classical traditions as well as interpretations of contemporary events in the light of Mahdi's return have sprang from the Lebanese press. Dimakamkan di Makam Imam Reza, , 9 محمد بن علي Abu Ja'far أبو جعفر al-Taqi, al-Jawwad Dokuzuncu Ali 810—835 195—220 Dikenal dengan kebaikannya terhadap mereka yang teraniaya pada masa. Henüz çocuk yaşta iken zalimce katledilen ondört çocuğun adıdır. A central figure in an Islamic movement is also called as an Imam like the Imam Nabhawi in Syria and in India and Pakistan is also called as the Imam for Sunni Muslims. The Great Muslim Scientist and Philosopher, translated by Kaukab Ali Mirza, 2000. He died two months before the 11th Imam and declared the twelfth Imam as the Qaem. Imam Muhammad Baqir Ibn Ali al-Ulum Mazar at Jannat al-Baqi, Medina, He was the son of Imam Zain al Abedin His real name was Muhammad Ibn Ali was called by the name of Imam Baqir Meaning splitting upon knowledge 6.