Tiles of the simpsons. Play Tiles of The Simpsons

The main objective of the game is to eliminate the icons of the frame, joining at least two followed equal faces. 5 Once you run out of moves a bomb icon appears on your cursor. Play Tiles Of The Simpsons online for free with us. 82 Kb, Rating: 79. This game is a match game that will increase your concentration power, the game is really difficult. Short details of Tiles of The Simpsons: Tiles of The Simpsons is an interesting puzzle game for free. 4 Tiles that drop into the game are automatically checked again.
Have fan and good luck! When there are no more icons you will be able to drop a bomb to make more matching possibilities Earn Duff beer to break tiles
See our for more options 3 If a gap is made by removing the bottom tile the surrounding tiles drop down to fill it
Control: Use Mouse to interact
If the game does not play properly, follow the desktop loading instructions listed below to play it You just have to click on groups of the same tile category
The Tiles Of The Simpsons online game is one of the most known icons of the animated series 1 Click on groups of the same Simpsons Pictures
The graphics os this game are so simple and the sounds are realistic You can remember the faces of Homer, Bart, Lisa, Lisa, Maggie Simpson playing this game