Hacked bob. 18 Incredible Stacked Bob Haircuts for 2021

Super Short Highlights Use highlights to add dimension and texture to your super short stacked bob hairstyle. 6 ways to wear the hacked bob. A soft blur to highlight the purple shades, as suggested by Bruno Marc at Marc Antoni, or a decomposed look with a brown color with shiny reflections, as proposed by Intermede. Choosing the Right Bob Hairstyle Bob hairstyles are back. Try adding highlights and alter the size of your curls in order to create a unique and extraordinary style. can be worn with or without bangs and can be short or mid-length all depending on the woman wearing it. Again, simple and classic! The answer? Black and Stacked If you have super straight and thin hair, you can go for this simple short stacked bob haircut.

This is perfect for those who want a statement making hairstyle.

Creating a layered bob hairstyle might be intricate.

For styling your bob cut, you can use a blow dryer.

How? Ideal for: This haircut gives an edgy look for those with rectangular faces or prominent edges.

Even with a pony, you don't need a transition for an edgy effect and the puristic look.

Cute Blonde Stacked Bob The next hair idea so cute and stylish.

Iconic This look to me is iconic.

The more product you put in, the more your curls will come out and disguise thinness.