Lidl currywurst. Currywurst: Germany's Iconic Street Food (Recipe + Video)

It does bring back memories of when I was stationed in Germany, we used to stop at all the roadside stands and order currywurst Soon enough she opened her own food stand selling the dish, located near in Berlin Mitte and ran it until the 1970s
A quick and delicious homemade currywurst brimming with curry goodness Anyway, I just came across this site and I am anxious to try your curry sauce
I understand they are based in germany so maybe they could get it for you if you drop them an email Homemade Currywurst Ingredients:• So thank you Herta Heuwer, thank you to the British soldiers who gave her those first key ingredients, and thank you to the city of Berlin for upholding the Currywurst tradition! It originated in Berlin as a fast snack Schnellimbiss and eventually spread to other cities
I just somehow completely spaced on that when taking this pictures I did notice while there they add spices over before the sauce, would you think this is likely a curry powder, it had very much the taste of a standard mild curry powder mix
I like canned beer The sausage is thick and long, cross slashed and grilled until crispy on the skin
It was boiled and then deep fried Since we had plenty of sauce to go around, we decided to use it the next night with some chicken thighs in the oven
No more Bratwurst, Schnitzels, Fleischwurst etc At LIDL! If you have a Polish shop nearby, check it out, too
You can either pan-fry or grill the sausage until the skin gets very crispy on the outside — this is key paprika — Hungarian type sweet paprika, not Spanish smoked• It definitely improved with the 12 hours in the fridge as you suggested and my daughter loved it so much she begged the leftovers to take home with home with her! Although you can buy lots of English items there, you can get some very nice German sausages or other meat
Then cut into chunky slices — about 8 is considered optimal Add the garlic and cook for another minute
— If you don't have smoked paprika, using liquid smoke and sweet paprika should work Remove the sauce pan from the heat and blend