Phasmophobia ouija board questions. Phasmophobia ouija board questions

success or failure is not affected by whether or not the ghost is shy. Can I ask you? Open a door. With more than 10 types of different ghosts to encounter in this immersive game, you have a lot of things to do. Are you alone? Are we alone? How many ghosts are in this room? Contents• Are you the only one here? Throw something. Can you speak to us? Is there a spirit here? Why are you here? How many ghosts are in this room? Would you like to talk? May I ask you? "How long ago did you die? Who are we talking to? Who is in this room? Give us a sign. While there's a significant risk to using the ouija board, it's always an option especially if players need more to identify the ghost. horror. May I ask you? reliableDOMContentLoaded.