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I must say, you leaders out there that forming a pug, you have alot of patience. . Everything on your list, except housing items, has little to no value to me. While I prefer coated one or two ply heads for batters, I have no problem using the stock clear UT's for reso heads. I replaced them immediately with Aquarian coated Studio X batters and Classic Clear resos. For example my ludwig came with a full set with "ludwig" printed on them and on the bottom its says UT Remo made in china or something along those lines. . Raids are the most challenging content in the entire game and should thus provide the highest loot value.

I was going to sell the kit because it sounded thin and cheap.

I was planning to replace the heads but they sound OK and I decided to keep them.

That being said updates like U19 with its flower-picking were problematic as they devalued a solid half of the raid loot list for content that was.

Nonetheless, we will discuss them.

Remo seem to be notoriously tight lipped when it comes to info.

In this case she will enter Phase 3.

since they were competition
All the armour from the new raid ON T1 ALREADY pretty much makes remmo gear completely obsolete on the specs and any comparison to Ambassadors or Diplomats, out of the equation
Generally speaking you want as many instances as possible to not be obsolete to promote content diversity Never played them or owned a set So can't tell ya much sorry
The same mechanics should be followed as the first Daughter dunno if its true support
well, labelling it content is a stretch But they're really beautiful and I like them a lot
Not only that but you do not promote people playing outside of raids by giving them loot on par or better than the raid itself, what a way to kill off the raid aswell and piss people off just for a time limited Event Can you stop with this nonsense of giving so many freebies for no reason? However, I have a foot firmly planted in your camp
So of all the possibilities we have seen in the last years, this is IMO one of the better options Complete AD old t2 ONCE and get all golden jewelry
i believe they are single ply and i kind of want to use them as a reference point to determine what difference the number of plies, and thickness have and etc
They're great
But FWIW, Winston is on the money as far as i can gather