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Unfortunately now the rating is only a thumbs up or down. This movie is a psychological thriller that on its own would be another hit putting another notch on the already crowded belt of this Powerhouse. I might like a movie, but not love it, or not really want to see it again for a while, however with the thumbs up, unless I remember everything about the movie I won't know how much I liked it. I love the selection of movies Netflix has. Just make sure you have the latest update.

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So now I feel unless I love a movie I have to give it a thumbs down.

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Second I wish on the new updates it would say if a show or movie is being taken off.


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For example I was watching one of my shows on my old Wii which hasn't updated the software in a really long time , and on my Wii it told me that my show was only going to be available until October 9th.

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