Tokio hotel neues lied. Durch den Monsun

"Durch den Monsun" music video — 3:58• Billboard Retrieved 5 October 2020
Retrieved 17 March 2009 The band performed "Durch den Monsun 2020" for the first time on German , on 26 October 2020 on
He popped his gum 2007-09-10 at the• i love how you write so much
Retrieved 6 October 2020 The music video for the English version of the song, "Monsoon", was shot in , South Africa in early May 2007
There is one scene where it looks like the guitarist, Bill's twin brother, Tom Kaulitz is singing along in a mirror like door then disappears The music video starts off with thunderstorms and Bill applying his makeup in his dressing room
Towards the end the video shows Bill bathing his face in water and Bill frolicking in the rain Januar ihren neuen Dance-Song heraus, den sie gemeinsam mit dem Musik-Duo VIZE, bestehend aus DJ Mario Fiebiger und Produzent Vitali Zestovskih, aufgenommen haben
"Leb' die Sekunde" — 3:47• The video features various clips of Bill singing in the rain, old clips of Tokio Hotel TV 2007-2008, snippets from older music videos including "Durch den Monsun"; "Monsoon"; ""; "Something New", and snippets from older concerts and award shows In the following year Monsoon claimed the titles "Best Ringtone" and "Song of the Year" at , "Number 1 of the Year" at , and was also named "Best Mood Song" and "Song that Stays in your Head" by a Dutch magazine, Hitkrant