Weiße flotte hiddensee. Hiddensee

"Hiddensee" is used as subtitle of a music album Songs for the Apocalypse by German one-person indie band , which was mainly recorded while camping at Hiddensee.

German author 's bestselling 2014 novel, , is set on Hiddensee at the end of the DDR period Suhrkamp ; published in English by Scribe,.

As a result, Hiddensee is one of the sunniest places in Germany.

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Nordic Duck Solar Ferries [ ]• It is the location of the 's ornithological station.

since 2016• In the years from 1648 to 1815 the Hiddensee, like the rest of West Pomerania, found itself under Swedish rule.

Tanger Jet II FRS or Fast Reliable Seaways FRS is a German transportation company specialising in and.

In 1332, the island church, which is still there today, was consecrated in the current parish of Kloster, outside the abbey walls, especially for the farmers and fishermen on the island.

MS Alexandra 1935—1986• MS Gellen, operated by Reederei Hiddensee GmbH since 1993• Oktober Montag - Freitag 09. 1977—2002• MS Knipan, operated by FRS Management since 2015• HSC Tanger Jet, later Dolphin Jet 2001—2011• These in turn provide nourishment for many migrating birds. In Kloster are the and the Hiddensee Bird Observatory, both branches of the , which were both formed out of the Hiddensee Biological Research Institute, founded in 1930. 31-40, 57-59, 171-174. 30-14. The overall shape of the coast in the southern area of the Baltic Sea was formed during the about 7,000 to 2,500 years ago. It is a brick building with a natural stone base on a hill near the Dornbusch. 6 Abs.