Lily how i met your mother. How I Met Your Mother

As it turns out, Hannigan had a , bordering on becoming a phobia.

Towards the end of the first season, she reveals to Robin that she has been having second thoughts about getting married without having experienced much else of life before Marshall.

Of course, Barney and Robin didn't love it but viewers did.

Neither of them can keep a secret from one another, including other people's information.

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Their Hilarious and Adorable Couples' Costumes With Ted Not only do Lily and Marshall have the cutest couples' costumes, they have been known to share their costumes with Ted.

Ted tried so hard to hold on to this plan he had of becoming an architect that pursuing it almost destroyed him.

Lily is adept at manipulating people and situations to get what she wants; she is especially talented at engineering breakups between couples she knows are not right for each other.

She wanted Alyson Hannigan to play the part. I was pregnant at the time to so I was highly emotional and then just to be surrounded… it was so lovely! It's such a Marshall and Lily move to do something like this--not only are they putting priority on their child and themselves, they still genuinely care for their friends when they need them the most. Hannigan plays , Kim's mother, in the original movie , based on the. You may or may not have noticed that Lily is the only main character of the series to not get a musical number. That timing was intentional, though it did also fit in nicely with the characters and their plots as well. Hannigan was looking to do more comedy work after having worked on the series and was available for the show. Rebecca had been upset after learning this, but as she is a fan of was consoled when Alyson Hannigan was put in the role. Aside from giving awesome advice on romantic relationships and career matters, Lily was also wise when it came to friendship. Those doubts intensify, and she acts upon them, applying for a painting fellowship in. She is accepted and, after arguing with Marshall on and off — with several pause breaks in between for drinks, dinner at , and sex — Lily finally says that she cannot promise Marshall that she would return to him after the six-month fellowship.

That's why we never had to be worried about infidelity breaking up this ridiculously strong couple.

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In the eighth season, she gets a job as an art consultant.

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She really is the kind of friend anyone would be lucky to have.