Namenstag clara. ▷ Vorname Claire: Herkunft, Bedeutung & Namenstag

1861—1937 , American author, educator, social reformer• from the original on 7 July 2015. Joshua, Josh m - St Joshua the son of Nun - Saint• d Vorname: Klara. It was entered into the. Devin m - St Saint, Sound-alike• Jacqueline f - St or St Derivative• While the two were staying in , he surprised her by taking her to their wedding ceremony which he had arranged without her knowledge. from the original on 6 July 2015.
Sebastian m - St Sebastian the Martyr - Saint• Mai 1894 ; Klara Fey wurde in ihrer Jugendzeit sehr von ihrer Lehrerin und Erzieherin Luise Hensel siehe 18. If the name is known to have the same meaning as a saint's name, then Meaning is used. Dennis, Denis m - St - Saint ; see also:. Ashgate Publishing, Ltd. Arnold m - St Arnold• Barry m - Prophet Baruch - Saint ; Saint Finbarr of Cork Barrocus, Barry , - Saint ; Saint Barrog Barruc , - Saint• She went ahead with the ceremony but was concerned about sacrificing the rights she had to her child Patrick. , p. Laurence m - St Saint• Bekannt ist der Name durch die Heilge Klarissa von Assisi, die im 12.
Electra f - see Amber Meaning: direct translation• Various early male Christian saints were named Clarus; the feminine form became popular after the 13th-century Saint called Chiara in Italian , one of the followers of , who renounced her privileged background and founded the order of. April f - St Aprus of Toul - Sound-alike• , p. Miles m - St Milo, hermit at Fontenelle - Saint or St Miles or Milos , Bishop and Hieromartyr - Saint• 1990• Ziccardi, Giovanni 2010. Clara- Thoovanathumbikal-Malayalam film by Padmarajan See also [ ]• Jeremiah, Jeremy m - Prophet - Saint• If the name is short for a longer name that has a saint attached to it, then Diminutive is used. National und international sind viele weitere Formen des Namens bekannt, zum Beispiel Klarissa, Chiara, Claire oder Clarice. Bertrand m - St Bertrand - Saint• The , in a February 2011 online feature, named Cardinale among the 50 most beautiful women in film history. Pinterest. 227. It is described as "an adaptation of 's epic story of political upheaval, greed, and romance in turn-of-the-20th-century South America. Lothar Hardick OFM: Zur Chronologie im Leben der hl.