Garbicz festival 2021. Festivals happening in 2021

The idea is that you arrive on Friday and stay till Sunday and there will be music from 10-22 on Saturday Location - Novi Sad, Serbia Dates - July 8 - 11 Celebrating its 20th anniversary dubbed as Exit 2
The site is home to stunning lakes, lush flat fields, woodlands and meadows Unfortunately the organisation had to inform visitors that these editions will not be able to take place
Focus on outdoor-floors only most indoor-floors will stay closed• Update: No Melt Festival in 2021 Melt was one of the festivals which was optimistic that a normal festival would be allowed again in the summer of 2021 Why visit Garbicz Festival? The organisation is aiming for a tolerant festival which provides great electronic music in a stunning natural setting
getAttribute 'content' ,lng:Number geo They have 3 main music stages, over 70,000 festival comers this year and a concept of villages which are focussed on art, sustainability, sport, gastronomy etc
Lucky enough there are still a few afterhour-floors which will entertain you till Monday-morning if you want After multiple changes and a lot of uncertainty, 10,000 people will be welcomed over 3 of the last weekends of August for a weekend Fusion getaway
Fusion Festival 2021 Update June 2021: The Fusion Festival is cancelled and will take place from 29 June till the 3rd of July 2022 000 visitors Website: Line-Up: Not published yet 02
Before Corona this festival focused on about 8000 visitors and used to have 10 floors Location - Oxfordshire, UK Dates - August 5-8 Wilderness is a four-day boutique festival spanning Music, The Arts, Food and Wellbeing, all set amidst the idyllic surroundings of Cornbury Park, Oxfordshire
Exit is also one of the more affordable dance music festivals on the block planet-c-kosmos

There is just no similar festival to Fusion in Germany.

Because I cannot judge the new festival yet, I can only tell you that Nation is a very nice festival.

Last summer was a huge disappointment for festival-lovers all over the world.

you can go swimming, enjoy the outdoor-cinema and you will get a pizza for free.

The five smaller editions of this German festival showed the whole world that everything is possible with a great team and enough positive spirit.

Hey Divesh, thanks for your comment and compliments.

Wurzel Festival 2018 Berlin-Enjoy.

Akasha Festival A German techno-festival which was first organised in 2019 is called Akasha.