Royal donuts aschaffenburg. Royal Donuts

Was in town looking for a solid donut shop. Not a bad little stop if you're in the area Even though they had signs on the door saying you needed to wear a mask to enter, not a single customer was wearing a mask. They were two sitting inside and another two who came in. A lot of traditional flavors and some specials. We came near the end of the day and the donuts were dried out and stale.

So disguSting! Bring a crossword puzzle, join the locals.


They have a wide selection of donuts and it'll satisfy whichever donut craving you may have.

One blocking an entrance smoking.

It's like half a chocolate flavor half a sugar flavor, all delicious.

Donuts are crusty by 3:30, meaning they are exposed to too much air all day.

The strawberry cream filling is a gluey disaster.

They know their donuts and do them well.

I'm a fan of the double chocolate.

This place is great and it seems like it's open forever, especially for being locally owned.

Will stick to glazed.

No masks anywhere to be seen.

Will never buy them again.

Royal Donuts is just that.