Auxiliary verb. 24 Auxiliary Verbs With Examples, Definition and Sentences

English auxiliary verb paradigm Plain Present tense Past tense Participles Neutral Contr.

We were talking to them for ages.


In each example below, the verb phrase is in bold with auxiliary verbs highlighted.

To Be: am, is, are, was, were, being, been, will be• Download Grammarly's browser extension.

Example: By next week, we will have finished our football season.

American Poet Carl Sandburg Modal auxiliary verbs expressing possibility:• Sie ist nach Hause gegangen.

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The following examples illustrate that the negation not can appear as a postdependent of a finite auxiliary verb, but not as a postdependent of a finite full verb: a.

Example 1: I was hoping to get a puppy for my birthday.

" Can is fine here, but, hey, it's still a grandma's job to issue a "correction.

Tommy can write poetry very well.

Native speakers learn these forms mostly without ever thinking about them.

As with "an't", "hain't" and "ain't" were found together late into the nineteenth century.

— are is an auxiliary accompanying the singing, expressing progressive aspect.

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B: We should so.