Calvin coolidge. Presidency of Calvin Coolidge

While we should not refuse to spend and be spent in the service of our country, it is hazardous to attempt what we feel is beyond our strength to accomplish.

Smith's policies differed little from those of Hoover, and the 1928 presidential campaign instead centered on Smith's character, affiliation with the Catholic Church, and opposition to Prohibition.


He graduated with honors from Amherst College in 1895, then his law degree.

Coolidge also favored Secretary of State Frank B.

Vice President Coolidge was visiting his in when he received word by a messenger of Harding's death.

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In February 1927, Congress took up the McNary-Haugen bill again, this time narrowly passing it, and Coolidge vetoed it. , p. She was chronically ill and died at the age of 39, perhaps from , when Coolidge was twelve years old. Although these initiatives likely had good intentions, the results were a disaster with the former driving the Great Depression deeper and longer and the latter contributing to greater dependency and rising structural deficits. September 30, 1997.