Brencher buchhandlung. Parthenon of Books—Donation Form

Please complete the form in German or English so that we can categorize your donation The selection of the donations for The Parthenon of Books is subject to a validation process
Members of the documenta 14 staff will be at Frankfurt Book Fair October 19—23, 2016 to collect book donations for The Parthenon of Books We kindly ask you to help us realize The Parthenon of Books by donating books of this kind
Personal donation in Frankfurt am Main, Germany If you wish to bring books for donation to Frankfurt am Main, please visit us at the during the Frankfurt Book Fair Belletristik• Reise• Brettchen• If you plan to attend the fair, please visit us at the Agora
The artist and the team of documenta 14 cordially invite you to contribute books that were once forbidden or banned from distribution, but are now in print and in circulation again With your donation, you make the books freely available to documenta 14
Postkarten• Within the context of this large-scale, participatory project, thousands of books taken from cellars where they had been locked up by the military covered a replica of the Parthenon constructed with metal tubes at the intersection of the two most prestigious avenues of Buenos Aires The donators have no legal claim in regard to the inclusion of the books in The Parthenon of Books
After five days of exhibition, two cranes tipped over the Parthenon, and the books were handed out to spectators and representatives of public libraries
This time, she plans to develop a version of the iconic Parthenon in Athens to be installed in Kassel Buttons• Poster• Please print the form and enclose it with the donation
Furthermore, you are welcome to donate books by sending them via mail or bringing them personally to either Athens or Kassel Feel free to donate several copies of the same title: in this case, you only need to complete one form