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From: Orange Flower lvl 6• From: Chests, Boxes, Game store, Drawer lvl 7• Butterfly• Main:• Das sind die Features des Spiels Merge Mansion• Es gibt auch neue: Russisch, Koreanisch und Japanisch.

From : Store• From : Wood lvl 4• From: Chests, Bubbles• Items Obtained : Wooden Bench• Items Obtained : Shoe, Service Bell lvl 3• Items Obtained: Moth lvl 1• Main:• Einfache Steuerung• Modern Lindsay, had modern ideas: Revolutionary cans.

Sie ist Teil des Geheimnisses des Games• From : Chests, boxes• max Shrapnel• From : Silk from Moth lvl 6• Inhaltsverzeichnis• From: Fancy Blue Chest• Statistics Car Hood Ornament Lvl Image Item "Story" Drop 1 Lindsay Young Lindsay Boulton 1 - 2 Statue of Liberty Moves to New York to make it big on Wall Street 2 - 3 Safe With the family money 4 - 4 Bull In a bull market anyone can succeed 6 - 5 Bag of Money A canny investor, she amasses a fortune 12 1 6 Bear Until the Wall Street Crash 25 1 7 Empty Safe She feared the family would go bankrupt 51 1 8 Theater Mask Tragedy sent her home to Beaumont Hall.


Cascade: Silk max The Beginning• Items Obtained: Paint Can, Screw, Wrench• Others:• Items Obtained : Wood, Tree seed• Items Obtained: Gems, Coins• max Golden Tree• Tools• We're a Collaborative Community website about Merge Mansion that anyone, including you, can build and expand.


From: Chests• Direkt nach der Installation gibt es ein kurzes Intro.

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Items Obtained : Pouch lvl 1 , Peony Seeds lvl 6• Items Obtained lvl 6 : Butterfly• This is an item that you can only get after playing an Event.

This item drops from.

Chests:• From: Stack of Empty Seed Bags lvl 4 combine• , denn ihr braucht auch eine Axt.

Denn nur dann wird es euch gelingen, alle Bereiche einer alten Villa und dessen Garten wieder auf Vordermann zu bringen.

Boxes:• Sent her home to Beaumont Hall.

3-Day Events These are unlocked when you reach a certain point in the game that requires to you play the 72 hour events in order to gather as many Event Stars as possible needed to get target items.

Events:• Lamp• Items Obtained: One Cent, Small Tin Can• Areas:• Weitere Merge-Spiele• max Hotel Stay• Items Obtained: Silk• Currency:• From : Merging• From: Chests• Story Young Lindsay Boulton, Moves to New York to make it big on Wall Street, With the family money, In a bull market anyone can succeed.

From: Chests, Fancy Blue Chest• Moth• She feared the family bankrupt.

From: Fancy Blue Chest• From: Vase lvl 1• Like.