Biking borders. Biking Borders (2021)

It was a misty, cool morning and steam rose from the wet forest, dissipated through a few weak rays of sunshine Most notably, and relevant to the Biking Borders project… 1
Viktor and his wife were wonderful hosts and good for conversation in German, French, AND English In the evenings, Viktor showed me videos about the border and reunification, and gave me some publications and information in English
There were hundreds of excited people waiting on both sides of the fence to greet their neighbors, and marching bands from East and West played I will be posting my photography and writing online and creating a book as a culmination of my work
In Cyprus, I will walk both sides of the UN Buffer Zone that divides the country including the capital city of Nicosia between Greek Cyprus and occupied Turkish Cyprus about 224 miles I was riding on a gravely path that took me right next to the border and I kept the Czech Republic on my left, and the sun on my handlebars for several miles
10 A thunderstorm pounded outside, rain lashing at my window Currently, PoP is impacting over 90,000 students and teachers in Laos