Slytherin hintergründe. 1080p Harry Potter Wallpaper (82+ images)


Regardless of how you feel about Slytherin, this is a really beautiful winter wallpaper! They aren't as prone to the heroic, extroverted loyalty that the Gryffindors tend to display.

See? A resourceful person will be able to think quickly and problem-solve.

This is a really pretty, simple wallpaper that is kind of evil but also wicked cool.

14 BEST: GOAL-ORIENTED As with most traits that are about success, this is a trait that can be taken too far.


Film ist absolut kein Liebling von mir And for that, I highly recommend you get these adventure-flavored backgrounds
I love the lightening bolt scar and glasses at the bottom as a nod to Harry Potter Talk about your bubblegum pink
For whatever reason, seeing this set of seven CAS Jungle backgrounds reminded of that chaotically random expansion pack My favorites have to be mint and purple
Being resourceful is a great thing to be, as it allows a person to take care of themselves and make the most of a situation It sort of looks like a communal… area
Browse: Nothing to complain about, really

While there are times when being too focused on self-preservation can go too far, caring about your own well-being is a good trait.

Gotta love the light and shadow detail, too.

Not really… but you gotta admit the amount of detail in every scene is pretty freaking stunning.

Ich lese immer gerne den 6.

Herzlich Willkommen im deutschen Harry Potter Subreddit! Updated April 19th, 2020 by Amanda Steele: Slytherin is always one of the most controversial Hogwarts houses, and many fans feel it's unfair that it was painted so clearly as an "evil" house.

This is definitely not a great thing to be, as it often means they throw other people under the bus, and Slytherins are also prone to lying.

Spent hundreds of thousands of hours and probably hundreds of thousands of Simoleons, too painstakingly making my way through all the pyramids, tombs, and booby-trapped Champs Les Sims manors.

Hogwarts Background from Pixabay to chat with friends or coworkers in front of the iconic campus.

Picture Window I can totally see a Slytherin family living here.

There are plenty of cool images you can upload to your Zoom Virtual Background to create the ideal Hogwarts aesthetic during your next remote meeting.