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Der Inzidenzwert in Wuppertal liegt mit Stand von Sonntag, 27.

The American TV station recommends Wuppertal as one of 20 places worldwide to visit in the year 2020 because of the Schwebebahn, the architectural diversity and the Nordbahntrasse, a 22-kilometre 14 mi cycle route across the city 2020.

After the establishment of BHC in 2006, LTV lost its financial base and was relegated several times, currently playing in the fifth-tier Verbandsliga.

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born 1977 , journalist• After the move, the club won various titles, including the German championship in 1994 and 1997 and the German Cup in 1995.

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In 2002, the club withdrew from the Bundesliga due to financial troubles, their then-main sponsor Gold-Zack Werke filing for insolvency a year later.

During the succeeding decades, "Wupper-Town" became the dominant industrial agglomeration of northwestern Germany.

The tracks are 8 m 26 ft above the streets and 12 m 40 ft above the Wupper.

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born 1959 , metal guitarist, initiator of the musical band• Opernhaus Wuppertal.