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. NOT "to carpet" Unless I'm somehow missing a german expression here and "Teppichboden auslegen" means to reprimand! - Die folgende Zahl 91 wird als Lastindex gegeben : der Index 91 bedeutet eine Last von 450 kg pro Reifen. During the two-day event, from 21 to 22 June, over 450 participants from business, politics, academia and international cooperation met to discuss the next steps towards a more responsible and sustainable economy. Ziehen Sie sie von Hand fest. ] Konzernzwischenabschluss der Lenzing Gruppe [.
All in all, BMZ believes that development cooperation actors need to strike the right balance between promoting the formal economy on the one hand and the informal economy on the other and to overcome incompatibilities between learning forms, for example, by introducing national qualification frameworks Der Ausgleich kann positiv oder negativ erfolgen:• mit wettbewerbspolitische, bankpolitischen usw
Weblinks [ ]• But I also agree with Ghol, who points out that it is possible to use it in AE with the meaning 'to cover a space with carpet' often passive: 'have a room carpeted' anyway
Bei Abwesenheit dieses Pfeils kann der Reifen in beliebiger Richtung montiert werden Author Data 20 May 04, 08:23 Uho: You're right
ist, sondern ein Zwischenziel, das mit anderen wirtschaftspolitischen Zwischenzielen konkurriert, wie z - Die zweistellige Zahl zB
If you don't believe me, call Karen at Selden's Literatur [ ]• I know the original post was focused on reprimanding, but my spidey senses went wild when I saw "to carpet"-Teppichboden auslegen together like that
Or, the house will be carpeted It needs an object
the sense 'table covering,' referring to 'the carpet of the council table,' before which one would be summoned for reprimand Their research on mucosal immunity deals with the immune system of the intestine
As to "fitting carpet", again, probably just British English Eine Auswert-Elektronik errechnet aus den gemessenen Werten der an der Achse auftretenden die Unwucht
siehe Author Uho 17 May 04, 14:15 I can recommend wordreference die letzten zwei
I'm no expert, I've been wrong before, and Google in this case is probably misleading to a degree but "to lay carpet" seems more widely used to me
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AE, we say lay or install a carpet