Nest hub 2. Google Nest Hub (2nd gen) review: More for your money

An upgrade is only worthwhile for customers who are really keen on sleep tracking and want to pay for it in the future.

Just like the display quality of the second-generation Nest Hub, the audio performance isn't spectacular.


Depending on your mood at that point in time, it can be a cause of constant irritation.

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Sunrise alarm functionality helps you wake up gently with light in the 30 minutes prior to your alarm.

techradar A small icon appears on the top right corner of the display when it senses someone in bed, and a larger, banner notification pops up when the display begins tracking sleep
Google Assistant still needs some polishing One of the big requirements when using Nest Hub apart from having a good Internet connection and a power source is, of course, to use it in conjunction with the Google Home app Technology tests and useful technology guides should of course not be missing
techradar Image: TechnikNews Picture: TechnikNews Picture: TechnikNews After a week, the weekly sleep tracking results can also be viewed on the display
I wish there were swiping options for skipping to the next song or video while streaming, or a motion to raise or lower volume techradar
At first, I was startled to realize that as soon as I entered the kitchen in the morning or evening, the assistant would promptly activate the screen with a "Good morning! Here I would have expected more from Google after two years Helpfully, a small LED in the top display glows if the mic-mute switch is engaged
The Google Nest Hub has got its own "Wellness" tab for sleep tracking But I would have wished for bigger revolutions, I would have paid more for them
The design of the Nest Hub 2nd generation looks out of date prototype
You can also use an air tap to silence an alarm, dismiss a timer or stop Google Assistant's chatter For a device an arm's length away, that's not too shabby
This way the users can chose freely between different ID4me providers and can also change the provider anytime What is ID4me? void 0:l
Interface and controls Like the original Nest Hub and the larger Nest Hub Max, the new Nest Hub has a physical mic mute switch in back of the display the switch also turns off the camera on the Hub Max , while a slim rocker along the right rear of the screen lets you adjust the volume However, Google promises that all data will only be saved locally - everyone has to decide for themselves whether they trust Google
Ultrasound sensor Connectivity• But this feature is still very limited four weeks after launch Everything else can be added from your smartphone, ranging from lamps to smart appliances
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That depends mostly on how you feel about Sleep Sensing The hardware actually got a lot faster, but it doesn't really show up in practice
The addition of the Soli chip to the Google Nest Hub allows you to perform gesture controls that control media and even regulate the thermostat based on the surrounding change in temperature unfortunately I wasn't able to test this function , which is a great addition to the hardware as it expands its functionality Built-in Chromecast Dimensions and weight• Google recently announced the second generation Google Nest Hub and we had a chance to review it