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Gesetze-im-Internet. While automobile dealerships may install such plates for promoting their business, motorists may install novelty registration plates to express their brand preference or an affiliation with a group, state, country, athletic team, hobby, art, or custom. The distinguishing sign shall therefore be at least a different color from the registration number, or have a different background color to that reserved for the registration number, or be clearly separated from the registration number, preferably with a line. South Africa [ ] registration plate The history of registration plates in Argentina can be broken down in two major phases, the decentralized phase until 1972 and the centralized one since 1972. MEK - Mittlerer Erzgebirgskreis, Saxony• in German.

440 by 140 mm 17.

Beginning in the mid-1990s, however, districts in East Germany were rearranged again, similar to the West two decades before.

BYL - Bavaria State Bayern Land official vehicles• AC - Aachen, North-Rhine-Westphalia• 27 March 2016.

MON - Monschau, North-Rhine-Westphalia• These prefixes are defined by federal law in the FZV in German.

Further ways of saving apply to vintage cars and to electrically powered vehicles.

This is obligatory three years after the first registration, and every two years after that.

1 inches - in the member countries: , , , and , originally based on the 1990 Brazilian standard.

Whereas rural districts had generally been named after their capital town, it was now possible to create new names, applying to geographical or historical features.

The "personal plate" industry in the is huge, with a large number of private dealers acting as agents for issues as well as holding their own or communal stock.