Champagner labrador. Champagne Lab Puppies for Sale

My daughter and I could not be happier with our decision to work with Sooner Labs Highly recommend if you're interested in adding a sweet lab to your family
Spain• We wanted an English Lab new puppy! read more Please excuse my writing skills as I'm a 30 yr factory worker
Uruguay• as we made arrangements to purchase and pick up our new puppy And when the hidden genes got expressed, an unusual coat color has been created
San Marino• The owners are very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the process making the entire experience very positive Even though they are a six hour drive from our home they met us halfway and made coordinating the pickup date easy
Baths, nail trimmings, holding them, handling them, and interacting with them on so many levels is the RLLR difference! Most purebred Labrador breeders are opposed to the breeding of Labs with the dilute gene as they feel it was introduced mischievously into the breed via cross breeding It has been a few months since we brought Pearl home and we are loving every minute of it
Champagne Labradors are definitely a color you have to see in person for yourself to appreciate. . The balance will be paid in full prior to or on the date of pick up. The Champagne Labradors are great companions, loving, and gentle like any other Labrador. They are considered to be very unusual, extremely beautiful, and not very common when it comes to their color. . Every question and concern I had was always answered immediately and I had a lot of questions! Cayman Islands• Palau• I am most concerned with the temperament, build, health history, and quality of the breed. big block head! Chile• read more Sooner Labs was recommended to us by a local breeder.
I highly recommend Sooner Labs to anyone looking for a English Lab " This is exactly what happens when a Charcoal Labrador pup is born
He's a great looking dog and seems to be very smart and easy to train These Labradors have raised a lot of controversy among breeders of Labradors and other breeds
It was easy to see how much he cared about his puppies through our conversations prior to purchasing our puppy and with his follow up phone call to see how she was doing and willingness to answer any questions we might have She is smart, lithe and playful
Norway• I'm not sure how their story explains the coloring of the Charcoals and Champagnes, but this is the accusation for the Silver Labradors
Our Ruby is now seven months old Oman• Our oldest and our youngest sons both have Brown hair and Brown eyes
He is a bundle of energy, a super sweet boy, very intelligent, and ready for any adventure! Samoa• Cook Islands• This lab was purchased by my parents who had lost their lab in December Saint Lucia• Faroe Islands• After week 5, I will start working them on bird wings
We first made contact with Destry, through a private message on social media Montenegro• read more We couldn't be happier with our newest addition Diesel black male
read more We are absolutely thrilled with our new puppy! Thank you for completing my parents home again!!! She was also desired to be a part of our little family, and will always be an inside family dog Best family dogs out there